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Poll Responses

Posted on January 22, 2015 by Kyle Marek-Spartz

HaskellMN is a small, but growing community. Here’s some information about who we are and what we are interested in.

Meetup Chart

Growth in membership typically outpaces growth in attendance by a few months. The drop at the end is likely due to a lack of a December meetup. The labels may seem to be offset; January’s activity levels are not yet on the graph, and will likely be similar to November’s.

Google Forms Poll

We had a beginning-of-the-year membership poll to allow for decisions to be made based on our members’ interests. We had 14 responses out of 57 registered Meetup members, for a nearly 25% participation rate; these results are likely representative (or at least representative of members who take polls).

What topics are you most interested in?

Response Count Percent
Functional programming 13 93%
Web programming 7 50%
Scientific computing 6 43%
Programming language implementation 5 36%
Parsing 3 21%
Type theory 4 29%
Concurrent programming 9 64%
Lenses 4 29%
Other 1 7%

The Other response was “how to make money with Haskell”.

What do you think of our time?

Response Count Percent
I wish it were earlier 2 14%
No problem with the time 12 86%
I wish it were later 0 0%

What do you think of our day of month?

Response Count Percent
I wish it were a different week or day of week 2 14%
No problem with the day of month 12 86%

Are you a member on our Meetup page?

Response Count Percent
Yes 14 100%
I wasn’t, but I just joined 0 0%
No 0 0%

Are you a member of our Google Group?

Response Count Percent
Yes 7 50%
I wasn’t, but I just joined 3 21%
No 4 29%

Are you a member of our GitHub group?

Response Count Percent
Yes 3 21%
I wasn’t, but please add me 1 7%
No 10 71%

Do you subscribe to our blog?

Response Count Percent
Yes 1 7%
I didn’t, but I do now. 0 0%
No 13 93%

Would you be interested in… ?

Response Count Percent
Presenting at one of our meetings 4 29%
Working on a group project 6 43%
Posting to our blog 3 21%
Organizing a podcast of our meetings 1 7%
Other 0 0%